🔑 Open Source!

We open source (almost) all of our team's code, from software to hardware, we're a commercial company running an open source project! How can I put it, it's a bit like Pursim. Our main repo 👉 GitHub - OneKeyHQ/app-monorepo

我们开源了团队所有代码(几乎),从软件到硬件,我们是一家运营开源项目的商业公司!怎么说呢,有点像 Pursim。这是我们主要的开源仓库 👉 GitHub - OneKeyHQ/app-monorepo

📖 Handbook

💌 Getting on board

Simply Click link below to apply roles.

🎽 Open Positions (Eventually Remote)

All positions we are looking now need on-site in Shenzhen.


💬 For Interviews

Typically, after a resume is approved, there is a written test, a phone interview, a video interview, and for candidates who pass the test, we pay CNY 1000-3000 for the candidate to handle a simple problem (usually within 1-3 days) to see if the collaboration and abilities meet the expectations of the team members.

If all goes well, a formal offer is made.

If the candidate needs a 1-2 week team bonding period after onboarding to get through the adjustment period (mainly to get acquainted with colleagues), the company will cover all round-trip airfare and hotel expenses.




🕑 Recently Updated

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